Oct 18 - Oct 20 , 2006
Springworld 2006, Chicago, IL

At Springworld 2006, NuCoil unveils the much anticipated, state-of-the-art 18-Axes HX-series High Speed CNC Spring Former. Using high speed, digital servo system from Europe, the HX-series machines features 8 servo slides, servo rotary wire, servo rotary quill, 2 multi-axes servo spinners, and the patent pending 3-dimensional servo quill positioning system.

All NuCoil spring machines now feature advanced digital servo technology from Austria and Germany. Using absolute digital servo system, it is up to 200 times more accurate than competitor's analog servos. It runs at up to twice the speed, all without homing sensors or limit switches. Unlike the competitor's slow, software/servo board controlled servo systems (which runs into bottlenecks and synchronization issues at just 8 servos), our servo motor movement and synchronization is controlled directly at each servo drive. This gives us the capability to control AND synchronize up to 256 servo motors effortlessly and with high accuracy.

Visit our booth 1505 to see the latest in spring machinery technology!

Apr. 24 - Apr. 28, 2006
Wire '06, Dusseldorf, Germany

AT Wire '06, NuCoil unveils the state-of-the-art 10-Axes CSC-series High Speed CNC Coilers. The first machine in this series is the CSC-80 10-Axes High Speed CNC Coiler capable of using up to 8 mm CrSi wire to produce springs up to 120 pcs per minute.

This machine features rotary and straight cut-off with 10 servo axes: Wire feed, 3 servo controlled slides for diameter, upper cut-off slide, lower cut-off slide, horizontal pitch, vertical arbor movement and horizontal arbor movement.

Visit our booth at Hall 17, Stand A01 to see the latest in spring machinery technology!

For a sneak preview of the CSC-80, click on the link below:

CSC-80 10-Axes High Speed CNC Coiler