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HX-60 21 Axes CNC Spring Former

HX-60 21 Axes CNC Spring Former (3.0-6.0 mm)

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HX-series 21 Axes Spring Formers with Patented 4-D Moving Wire Line

Utilizing the latest digital servo motion control and sophisticated Windows based software designed by NuCoil, the HX-series spring former is the most technically advanced and versatile machine available today.

The concept is simple: A spring and wire forming machine that can move the wireline freely anywhere in the work area. This gives the HX-series machine capability and versatility as if ALL servo slides move in three dimensions. The design is an engineering marvel: wire, feed box and quill not only rotate but moves up and down, left and right, in and out, up to 6.3 inches in all directions! The result is revolutionary: Springs and wire forms difficult or impossible to make before is now possible. Using familiar Windows software, the machine is easier to use than ever before. Imagine new possibilities by shifting wire line to bend long springs and wire forms without wire hitting other tools, bend wire in both directions with round center pin and most importantly, making multiple bends in the front leg after body coils are made.

The HX machine is equipped with 8 individual servo slides, rotary wire, rotary quill, moving wire line and wire feed axes. Additional axes include up to 2 twin servo spinners with rotating center pins, 2 regular servo spinners, servo rotary tool holder to control initial tension and make double torsion springs and servo cutter for large wire. Using high speed digital servos from Austria, the HX machines runs all 21 servo motors with high speed and precision, without using homing sensors or limit switches.

If versatility, quick setup and high speed production is your goal, your choice is the HX-series 21 axes CNC Spring Former. Call NuCoil and see why these machines are revolutionizing the spring and wire industry!

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